Must Have Summer Car Items

Tips from Jennifer Newman, senior editor and Mother of Two

Summer Travel Must Haves

Summer is going to be here before we know it! The kids will be getting out of school soon and it’s time to start planning your family’s agenda for the months ahead.

Whether it’s longer family road trips or driving to and from day camps, parks and soccer games, you’ll soon be spending a lot more time in your car. senior editor Jennifer Newman recommends some useful items to stock your car with to ensure your family’s car is summer ready.

First-aid kit: Scrapes, cuts and plenty of tears are marks of summer. A well-stocked first-aid kit ensures that a boo-boo won’t bring an early end to a day at the beach or playground.

Towels: Throw a couple old bath or beach towels into your car’s cargo area for cleaning up messy kids or keeping little ones and their wet bathing suits from getting your car’s interior soaking wet.

Blanket: Keep a blanket on hand for impromptu picnics or those seemingly never-ending kids’ sports games. Several of my colleagues are big fans of blankets that have a waterproof side.

Baby powder: A few sprinkles of this magical dust onto skin covered in sand will make clean up quick and your car’s interior will be less sandy.

Cash stash, aka ice-cream slush fund: You can hear the ice-cream truck coming from blocks away, but with your cash stash you won’t be scrambling for money to get your kids’ favorite treats. Instead, you’ll be the mom or dad of the year. OK, maybe just of the moment, but relish the glory while it lasts.

Beach-ready bag: Fill it with a collapsible bucket, small shovels and inexpensive flip-flops for the whole family and then just grab your beach bag from the trunk when you make a last-minute stop at the beach or park sandbox. Again, mom or dad of the year, ahem.

Additionally Jennifer says, now is a good time to clean out your car, making sure there aren’t any lingering crayons in the seat crevices or half-empty cartons of chocolate milk lurking under the seats. Nothing ruins the fun of summer like the stench of curdled milk! For more family car tips, check out

Safe Driving!

Jennifer_carsdotcomGUEST AUTHOR: Jennifer Newman, senior editor and Mother of Two