phil&teds Smart Lux Stroller GIVEAWAY!

phil&teds smart lux

phil&teds smart lux

Congrats to the winner – 

Entry #1458 – Lilia K.

This week’s Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is all about giving another stroller away before you can even buy it! Yep, our winner is going to be one lucky gal or guy!

The phil&teds smart lux is the next evolution of the smart stroller. They introduced the smart stroller back in 2010. Although it was a great, little, travel stroller, phil&teds made a huge change to the smart because of consumer demand and our Baby Gizmo video review.

phil&teds understands that they must keep making things better to solve key parenting challenges with relevant products. Enter the smart lux, a luxury stroller on air.

phil&teds smart lux

The smart lux hasn’t hit the market yet (we did see it at the ABC Expo in October) so we don’t have our full review and video for you YET. Soon, my friends, soon. So that you know what you could win, we wanted to share the information on the stroller.

A luxurious and compact single stroller, smart lux has a sleek urban design that rolls confidently over cobblestones & pavements (where others vibrate and bump). With air-filled rear wheels & front wheel suspension smart lux offers uncompromised all terrain maneuverability in a modern urban stroller, providing the most comfortable ride for your child…get ready to float on air!

smart lux is complete with a modular convertible main seat (lay flat mode, parent facing and forward facing all in one seat) and offers 21 riding options to grow with your child from birth to 4+ years.

Take luxury a step further with a gorgeous bassinet accessory made from pure bamboo fibers to create a soft, breathable and comfortable resting space for your wee one, on and off the stroller. smart lux also conveniently converts to a travel system, so you can move baby’s car seat capsule from car to stroller and back again without disturbing baby’s sleep.

Other notable features:

● Air rear wheels & front wheel suspension for a smooth ride
● Easy and compact telescopic fold
● Slim line only 21.6” wide!
● Easy access basket
● Extendable canopy for additional protection & a peek-a-boo flap
● Works as a Travel System
● Baby bumper bar with a fashionable leather look
● Many accessories to ensure the most comfy ride (sun and storm covers, seat liners, foot muffs, sleeping bags, universal travel bag, cup holder and more!)
smart lux

Even though we don’t have our full video review ready, we are going to GIVE ONE AWAY before you can even buy them! That’s right, we are so excited about the smart lux that we are giving one away this week in our Giant Weekly Giveaway!!



What’s up for grabs:

(1) phil&teds smart lux stroller

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  1. I would say follow your gut and stand up for what YOU want for your child! Don’t let others tell you how to parent your child, just because they don’t believe in your style of parenting.

  2. enjoy every moment of being a mommy and don’t stress out.. they grow up so fast. and always teach them to say please and thank you 🙂

  3. I best advice I could ever give is to trust your instincts!! I learned when I trusted my gut, I was usually right. When I first learned to trust my gut with my daughter, it saved her life.

  4. Put away your phone/tablet/laptop and give them your full attention when you can. It makes all the difference to them to know we are paying attention to them and interested in them.

  5. Enjoy every minute you can even though it can get stressful and you will be tired. They grow up so fast, so just cherish every moment.

  6. I know i live sooooo far away but i’m in love with this stroller. Would love to have it for my baby… due 2nd october.

  7. There are some things that just are not important (like dusting stuff or being super neat) so take a deep breath and play with someone instead. Much less stress and screaming all around.

  8. Take life as it comes. Some days will be easy and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, others will be hard and you’ll feel like you fell flat on your face, but if you take it as it comes, you’ll get through each day and be proud of what you accomplished, no mater how little or how much you actually got done during the day!

  9. My best advice is to go with your gut. There are many conflicting pieces of advice out there, so as the parent, you’ve got to do what feels right to you.

  10. One day you will look back and laugh at this moment…
    Sleep when baby sleeps…
    It’s ok to ask for help…
    Follow your instincts…
    Almost every parent feels like they’re failing at some point along the way, as long as your kids tummies and hearts are full you’re doing an awesome job…

  11. Take lots and lots of pictures… they’ll grow up before your eyes and some day memories and photos will be all you have left of their younger years.

  12. My favorite advice is to enjoy every moment and milestone that you’re in. Don’t wish for things to speed up or slow down. Appreciate now.

  13. Time flies when ur having fun. Your children won’t remember if the dishes were washed and laundry was done…your children will remember the time and fun that you shared with them!

  14. You cant have everything perfect. The laundry and dishes can wait if your little ones need attention. Also to sleep whenever you can!

  15. I really wish I had listened when everyone told me to nap when she napped and let the housework wait so I could enjoy those infant snuggles

  16. I love P&T!! They have helped me through loads of things, but mostly having a 14 mth old when we had our next little one and I was using public transport in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We’re back in the USA now, but I have a soft spot for all things P&T! (And 4 boys at 3,2,1,1)

  17. My favorite parenting advise was that you need to do what feels right for you. Not to stress about feeding/sleeping scedules or decide to use a crib or co-sleep before I had even met my baby or experienced motherhood. I informed myself of my options but in the end I took it one day at a time and did whatever worked best in that moment. Way less stressful!

  18. Just remember. YOU. are the mom and nobody is right all of the time. Something might work some times but the next try it night not.

  19. Favorite parenting advice, “Sleep when the baby sleeps”. Yeah right, ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Also, I would love to win this stroller!

  20. The best parenting advice I’ve received is remember your childs age and be mindful to treat them appropriately for that age. So when my kid is acting out, I remind myself that he is only 4 and treat him like he is 4 and not expect him to suddenly act like he was 8. Also, as others have said- trust your own instinct and do what’s right for your family.

  21. Expecting our first any day now, but I think the advice I’m going to heed the most is don’t sweat the small stuff, especially at the beginning!

  22. Remember that when your baby cries at night at least you know where they are! It wont always be like that when they are teenagers

  23. Trust your “mommy instincts”! You will get lots of advice, but YOU know your baby better than anyone, make the best decisions for you & your baby, not doing or worrying about what well-meaning family, friends & even strangers tell you to do or what they may think about some of your parenting styles or choices.

  24. “Do what you feel is best for your baby and laugh a lot!” 🙂 -best advice ever! Who really sleeps when the baby sleeps? 😉

  25. I’ve gotten tons of advice over the years. Most of it unsolicited. Best advice I’ve ever gotten: Find your own way. You will never parent exactly like anyone else.

  26. Not to worry about the small stuff! Spend every moment you can with the little ones. If your cleaning and they want to play just drop the cleaning and make them happy 🙂

  27. My favorite advice was dishes and laundry can wait, babies don’t. Enjoy them as much as you can because the time goes by so fast.

  28. Give your child choices and let them win the small battles, spend some time every day playing with your child, revisit your childhood, make time for play fun in your days, these are the memories they will cherish!

  29. Laugh often and act goofy around them babies. Life is a rollercoaster and they need to learn to enjoy life to the fullest. EEKS! My 11 month old really needs a stroller of his own. THANKS BABY GIZMO 🙂

  30. Laugh! A lot! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just smile and laugh when you turn around and toddler is happily dumping an entire bottle of soy sauce all over the kitchen rug. Life is too short to not find humor in the chaos.

  31. My advice would be to stay flexible! Know what you want and know what you can bend on when it comes to raising your child. You can have all the organic, Montesorri dreams for your little one, but be happy when CHeezits and Sesame Street makes them happy.

  32. Sleep when Baby sleeps. (Kind of hard right now with a 2 1/2 year old, but when we can all nap at the same time it’s amazing!)

  33. Parenting advice I love to hate is sleep while they sleep as newborns. Its great advice, but I want go have some kind of life eat some lunch or read a magazine, not spend every waking moment tending to a baby so I do try to sleep for some of their naps but not all of them as people suggest! Lol

  34. There isn’t a ‘professional mom’. You can’t get all the answers right every time and that’s okay. As long as you love your child with your whole heart, you’ll be the best mom in the entire world.

  35. Parent blogs, books and magazines are great, doctors are a great resource and teammate, other moms/dads/grandparents/best friends advice should often be considered…but it’s ultimately YOU who knows your baby best. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to make your voice heard about your little one. YOU are their voice 🙂

  36. Do what you’re comfortable with. Do not let others advice intervene with your paternal instinct. Always remember every child is different and some are late bloomers and try not to be discouraged if you feel pressured. Always make room for at least 10 minutes of family play time daily.

  37. As a mom, not every response/answer is instinct, like so many think. I lot of it is trial and error with a little common sense and of course, love!

  38. The strollers I own are in the “budget” or mid-range category. They are fine, but I would have no problem donating those if I won one of these babies!

  39. Be a mindful parent – remember that your child is a person too, and should be treated with the same respect you expect them to show you and others. Reduce screen time, and spend some quality time together! What you do will set the example for your child, so be the best person you can be (as my mother always said!).

  40. I would love to win this stroller. I have 4 kids and I am always looking for something that would make things easier for me when we are all out.

  41. My advice is to trust yourself. There is a lot of advice out there these days; you should take it all in and then make the best decision for you and your family.

  42. My advice would be to enjoy the little things 🙂 they grow SO fast! Housework can wait, the laundry will still be there….. but they are only little once.
    Awesome giveaway!!

  43. Great giveaway!! I say breathe and enjoy the moments even when you feel like you “should” be running around doing something else… what we “should” be doing is enjoying our babies!

  44. I am not yet a parent (expecting in March), so I don’t have any advice yet, but I know this stroller will come in handy when I am!

  45. Never say never to anything you see other parents do with their own children – you are bound to eventually year your words if you do! My example – I will never have a houseful of noisy battery operated toys – oops! Our son loves them.

  46. Taking a walk and/or run is my daughter and my favorite thing to do…and when you have a child as strong willed and challenging as mine a walk provides the best medicine for the both of us!!

  47. My best advice is not to take it personally when others try to tell you how to raise your child. Someone else will always have comments…just gotta brush them off your shoulder and do the best job you know how to do :).

  48. I’m a first time parent still pregnant but my favorite advice would be to focus on your children, don’t try to multi task and make them feel like they’re an annoyance. I would love to win this!

  49. Wow, some great advice already but the one I really want to share is make sure you are in the photos too, no matter what, hair a mess, wrong outfit, don’t like photos, self conscious; one day your children will want to see a photo of you together. Make sure they exist!

  50. My parenting advice is don’t take everyone’s advice to heart, everyone has an opinion on how to raise a child and only you know what is best for you and your family.

  51. I would love to win this for my daughter who is due in June. My advice is to enjoy and love your little ones because they grow up so fast.

  52. Best advice I can give is don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask or accept help from others. Having a newborn in the house with a 3 year old autistic son can be stressful so I’ll take all the help I can get.

    This stroller would be a really big help :).

  53. We just found out we are expecting our first child after trying for over a year! We are over the moon excited and winning this incredible stroller would be an awesome start to preparing for our new bundle!

  54. One more piece of advice I got with my first, was in regards to gifts/flowers at the hospital. Ask visitiors (obviously works with close friends and family best) NOT to bring gifts to the hospital during your stay. Instead ask that they bring them to your home or have them delivered there instead. Why? Because when you leave the hospital, YOUR HANDS WILL BE FULL ENOUGH! Between you and, most likely, your husband/partner/spouse, you will be carrying a baby in a car seat, and overnight bag, a “new baby hospital goodie bag”, and if you add to that flowers, gifts etc…. to take home on top of being tired (there is no rest in a hospital-IMO) and possibly feeling pain/discomfort….well, I think you get the picture.

  55. (1) Sleep when the baby sleeps. Everything else can wait. (2) Don’t over-register for “baby stuff”, a lot will go unused. Same goes for clothes. (3) Ask close friends and family members to help (could be in lieu of gifts) by making meals that can be kept in freezer and heated in microwave/stove quickly. This will help keep you and the family fed, especially in the first days/weeks after baby comes home.

    Would so love to win this! We are awaiting our third and need a new one.

  56. 2 things: When your child is quiet… something has to be up! Love, nourish, let them grow, encourage, and instill good values in your child!

  57. Enjoy every moment as time passes so quickly. Right down the special little things that you think you will never forget because believe me – you do! Enjoy going walking with your new stroller and show them the flowers, the birds, the trucks, the whatever they want to stop and look at it and pretend you have all the time in the world – like I have being a Nana who would love to win this lovely stroller to do it with!

  58. My advice is don’t sweat the small stuff. The house may be messy, chores may not be done but your baby is only a baby once. Embrace it, soak it in and take the time to be with them. Everything else can wait and will be there tomorrow.

  59. love your children for who they are, not who you want them to be, and remember that the days are long, but the years are short

  60. Don’t compare your parenting skills to other peoples parenting. We are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. It’s great to learn from other parents but at the end of the day only you know what makes you and your family happiest.

  61. Relax when they nap – nap, watch tv, read. Don’t feel like you have to clean, do laundry and cook a you deserve a break too!

  62. Stop nursing!!! I was miserable nursing my first, but everyone told me it was supposed to hurt, and to keep at it. Turned out I had undiagnosed mastitis. Trust your gut, and if it’s too hard, just stop. I nursed my second and had a wonderful experience, but only regret not stopping earlier with my first. Take care of yourself, and the rest will follow.

  63. Breastfeeding is HARD. Reach out and find a support group that you can attend. The Baby Cafe USA has sites across the us and is expanding every month. it really allowed me to meet and exceed my bfing goals.

  64. Enjoy your kiddos do lots of family outings outside allow your kids to play and have an imagination. Kids grow up in a blink of an eye 🙁

  65. I would say: “Try your best, noone is perfect” and mainly remember what and how you were taught, if you can remember that and explain the whys to your kids I think I´d be good. Love them always no matter what, and teach them how to respect other people´s and animal´s lives. There is a saying in my country that goes: “The right in respecting others is peace!”

  66. Follow your heart. Everyone’s going to give you advice and tell you what to do and how to do it. Follow your heart,do what you think is best for your child.

  67. My parenting advise is to cherish each stage of childhood that your children go through and spend as much time with them as you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff and pick your battles. Be consistent and discipline with love.

  68. Trust your gut. Do you what you think is best for your child. Take what others say into consideration but don’t base your decisions on other people.

  69. My best advice was to find one fellow mom to be your go to advisor because if you keep asking everyone you know you’ll get a 100 different answers.

  70. I can give you parenting advice that worked for me… but every child is different. You’ll be an awesome parent, and you’ll figure it all out – you won’t be the first, and you definitely won’t be the last. Enjoy every precious moment.

  71. My advice is this, only you know what’s best for your child! Don’t let someone else tell you how to raise them!

  72. Well, I’m 38.5 weeks with number one, so no tried and true parenting advice yet! But I do know you should definitely keep in mind the kind of parent you think your partner will be when choosing said partner. I’m so excited to see my hubby be a dad and I know he’ll be amazing. Such a peaceful feeling!

  73. Also, “The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
    For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

  74. Trust your instincts – even when others tell you different. You know your bub best! And everything seems worse at night. Wait until morning and things will never seem as bad 🙂

  75. best parenting advice is to be consistent in you words and actions! kids are like sponges and they will find that weak spot and use it to their advantage. “NO” means no “YES” means yes! 🙂

  76. Best advice is following your heart. Don’t one can tell you whats right or wrong for your own child. You can read all the books and do all the research but it comes down to what’s right for your own child. Just love your child the way they are and tell them you love them everyday.

  77. My favorite parenting advice? Gah, usually it’s unsolicited and snide, lol. Though we once had a pediatric orthopedic surgeon (with my first born – she had hip displaysia at birth) who would ask at every appointment “Are you loving her?” I’d of course answer “yes” and he’d respond “that is what is always most important.”

  78. Follow the child: always watch and see where YOUR child is and meet him at his needs. Your child will find always find a way to let you know his needs, so don’t pressure yourself by comparing parent and child to books or other children! And remember to breathe!!! 🙂

  79. Don’t stress about the little spills and messes. Enjoy the moments we have with our child/ren, they are only little for so long.

  80. My parenting advice is throw out the books, forget what your mother did or your best friend does, do what YOU feel is right for YOUR child!

  81. The best parenting advice I’ve heard is to remain calm, even when your baby is screaming and you don’t know what to do. If you’re stressed, your baby feeds off that energy and gets stressed too. Some babies just need to cry it out and that’s okay, just hold your little one until they calm down.

  82. I have heard that this brand of strollers is excellent and now that im expecting a baby why not have whats best for my baby. Would really love to win this amazing giveaway.

  83. Don’t stress over the little things, take everything day by day, enjoy each stage of childhood bc those babies grow up much too fast! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  84. Best advice: “Everyone is different. Don’t feel any need to keep up or meet others’ expectations. This is your child and they are unique and wonderful.

  85. My parenting advice is to listen to yourself and the baby. Do what works for you. not what others have told you to do! I was shamed for not having my son sleep in the same room as me when he was born, but it was the best decision for my family to have him in his own crib at night. Listen to yourself!!

  86. Absolutely love Phil & Teds and this stroller is a must – have ! We are due July 27 with baby #2 and unfortunately the stroller from babe#1 wont last until then. This would be amazing to win – and thanks for considering me anyway! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  87. We are expecting our first this march and we are excited. My mom has been advising me to enjoy every bit of it, because babies grow so fast, you will miss it!

  88. Most memorable was sleep when the baby sleeps. But since that stage doesn’t last too long, now it’s remove yourself from the situation, and allow the kid to scream in need be, if you feel your losing your calm.

  89. I’m a stroller fanatic!!! This stroller will be a great look for my 9 month old and I. In need of a stroller with air filled tires!!!

  90. In 20 years they won’t remember what things looked like but they will remember the fun times they had so the housework can wait for another day.

  91. Spend as much time w/baby as possible because it all goes by so fast, it’s okay to leave the housework for another day and go with your gut.

  92. Take time wih your babies my oldest turns 12 this week, and I swear she was just born;) hope we win the new stroller, I had Phil an teds with my son

  93. Trust your momma instincts. You know your baby/ child the best and know what’s best for your family. If something doesn’t seem right – you’re probably correct.

  94. Be patient, treat them and your partner the way you want them to treat everyone, model good behavior, give love and compliments freely but honestly, and always expect a lot from them but offer assistance when needed

  95. Follow your instincts – don’t listen to others, read books, or do things the way society thinks they should be done, just because. You have to do what works for you and your family – follow your instincts to be the best parent you can be.

  96. Also – best advice I received was to just enjoy every minute – even the crying and screaming ones because it goes so fast. I am definitely heeding this advice.

  97. Best parenting advice — go with your gut; you don’t have to follow all the baby books. I think I gave that advice to myself, but I like it. 🙂

  98. Do what works best for you and your child. There is not one right way to do anything when it comes to raising kids, everyone is different!

  99. Love this stroller! Best advice is to breathe through the rough moments and enjoy everything else! Oh and coffee, lots of coffee!

  100. I’d love to win this my bugaboo dumped my little one in the crosswalk the other day…
    My favorite advice is sleep when they sleep! I work full time and when I’m not working it’s all about my 2 year old. I’m exhausted so as soon as she naps I’m down too that way we both wake up happy and ready to play. My husband naps when she does too!

  101. ask why. Why do I have to do what doctor said? Why should I do what dear old Mrs. Anderson said? Why does mainstream America do this with ther kids? Why should I have this rule or not have that one? In othre words: don’t blindly do what others do with their kids.

  102. I asked about this stroller on the BGC Facebook page a couple weeks ago and I’m so excited to see it here now! I’m due in a week and I would *love* this stroller 🙂

  103. One thing I could say to a new mom or a mom to be, not every baby is the same. They differ in everything so never compare !

  104. My best parenting advice is to take advice from others but do your own research and trust your own instincts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  105. Best advice I’ve had is to just embrace every moment for what it’s worth. They really do grow up quick!! This stroller would be a perfect fit for our lifestyle !!!

  106. Yes please! This would make shopping so much easier! I have a 6 3 2 and 8mo, our double is full and our 3 yo is a wanderer

  107. Thanks Baby Gizmo for the great reviews, you really helped me narrow down my first stroller purchase and who doesn’t love a new stroller 🙂

  108. It it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!

    Just because he/she may do it, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same outcome, trust your judgment!

  109. You could read and recieve endless amount of information regarding how to parent. But when in comes down to it stick to your motherly instinct nobody know your child better than you.

  110. Awesome looking stroller! And best advice – well I think someone told me to trust my gut and that ;s the best advice I have.

  111. you are one person you can’t always do it all even though you may try, let others help you, take a break, have time away from your kids and cleaning.

  112. Everyone will offer their opinions about what they think is right, but YOU are a parent now and this is your child. YOU make the decision and know what is best for your child. Don’t let anyone make you think differently.

  113. My favorite advice, is you’re baby/child will not go by the book. They are an individual and let them be one. And don’t sweat the little things, you may think you’re doing nothing right but you are doing a great job!

  114. Be patient, but also be present and intentional with your time and interactions as their parents. And pray, pray, pray and commit to some time for scripture and worship each morning to help sustain you through even the hardest days.

  115. Parenting Advice – At times I myself need advice but today I would say just LOVE your babies and go with your instinct. You will be surprised how much God has put in you that you already know.

  116. My best parenting advice would be take a breath and breathe. the sleepless nights will end soon, the terrible twos will go by quickly even though it doesn’t feel like it, the potty training will be over soon! Just Breathe!

  117. Take time to notice the little things. And don’t freak out of your child isn’t hitting every milestone when other child are. They will let you know when they are ready. Everyone is different and it doesn’t mean they aren’t smart!

  118. Would love this stroller. New to parenting, but do what you feel is right. There are so many conflicting views out there.

  119. Parenting is counterintuitive… If you hold their hand through everything so they can learn better, they will take longer to learn and won’t learn as well as they would have on their own. Take a deep breath and let them go. (As long as they will be safe and not harming others).

  120. Best advice I ever got was to never buy any of those “how-to parenting” books. Each child is their own person and is never the same as the last.

  121. I learned it from a poem. “Cooking and cleaning can wait til tomorrow, for babies grow up, I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down, cooking. Dust, go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep” 🙂

  122. my best advice is “if it feels wrong dont do it” You get so much advice about not holding your kids and not responding to them and it always felt so wrong to me but I thought I had to do it because it was the way it was done.

  123. My favorite parenting advice has been to go with your gut. Your kids will turn out okay, and fretting over every small decision will make you crazy.

  124. Take time to treasure all the precious moments and be with your baby i know we have so much to do in a day but time flies and then we want them to be little again, take lots of pictures!

  125. Don’t be afraid to say no, and to tell people thanks, but no thanks for the advice. At some point, you have to trust your own judgement

  126. Breathe. You’ll have all smile/happy days, rough/stressful days, and in between days. Every day is different but try to relax and remember tomorrow’s another fresh new day 🙂

  127. Enjoy your kids…really enjoy them! Play in the rain, fingerpaint with them, just have fun and worry about the house later! Thanks for the chance to win!

  128. Do what works best for you and your children. As long as you and your kids are well cared for, happy/healthy, it doesn’t matter what other people think of your parenting choices.

  129. Best advice is to listen to your own heart. You will get parenting advice here and there but only you know what will work for you and your kids.

  130. Introduce a bottle by 3 months of age, to prevent your baby from refusing to take a bottle. This is great parenting advice for all breastfeeding mothers.
    Amie Olson

  131. Something I forget – but is so important: Take time to remember who you are 🙂 Parents are so busy giving of themselves to their children, we forget to do the things that we have loved to do in the past. . .

  132. Not so much advice but the words of a song that stuck with me. “You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back.”. I remind myself of that all the time but especially when parenting gets overwhelming. Someday these kids will be surly teenagers and I’m gonna wish they were wild and crazy toddlers once again:p! It just goes so amazingly fast and I don’t want to forget that and get too caught up in the daily struggles of parenting:).

  133. My daughter is very strong willed and Ive had to learn that I dont need to win on every battle. I want her to keep that strong will instead of crush it. Ive had to learn that not everything will be dont the way I want it to be done and thats ok.

  134. Be prepared to change your mind and how you planned to approach parenting, no two kids are the same and there are no one size fits all parenting rules! See also, sometimes you have to roll with it and relax your standards.

  135. Take pictures everyday, breath, don’t yell, sleep when possible, treasure every waking moment, smile, laugh with them, play, dance, kiss them everyday and tell them you love them every night.

  136. We are expecting our first child in April. I have heard parenting advice from everyone and everywhere. I think the best advice I can give myself is just take it easy and enjoy the time.

  137. Instead of taking pictures and recording every moment. Try just sharing the moment with them because that feeling is so much stronger then a picture or video clip.

  138. You are doing the best you can! Don’t be so hard on yourself. And the dishes can wait, snuggle your little ones first.

  139. This would be an awesome prize for my daughter. We have one stroller, but it’s heavy and bulky. Plus it’s not as comfortable as this one looks.

  140. The best Mommy advice I would give. Is when you are looking for a stroller look for a light weight stroller. I made a huge mistake with my son and bought a stroller that was a beast! Would love to win this Smart Lux for my little girl making her debut in 1 week.

  141. Forgot my advice… Don’t sweat the messy stuff. Whether it’s diaper changes or messy fingers. Dirt, stains, and accidents will happen so roll with them.

  142. You get a lot of advice from other parents but the best advice is to do what is right for your family and don’t judge other parents.

  143. Best advice….every child is different and achieves milestones at their own pace. Oh, and the first weeks of parenthood are like being in the army:).

  144. Be flexible, babies don’t always stay on the same routine. Heck once you think you get one down, you can bet on them changing it up. Being flexible with their routine is essential. Always go with your gut, you are the mama and know your baby better than anyone.

  145. Enjoy every minute with your kids. Life is too short, and they grow up too fast to stress about the small stuff. Being there and present takes priority!

  146. At the end of the day, do not dwell on what went wrong, who threw a tantrum, and who broke what. Focus on the happy times and sleep on that.

  147. My best advice is to definitely listen to the older generations advice. Don’t just blow it off like they don’t know anything. We know times have changed, but it puts it at a different perspective. Plus you are alive, Right?

  148. Just remember, “there is always tomorrow” and enjoy wasting the day with whatever little thing your little one wants to do. They grow up way too quickly!

  149. My favorite recent advice is when you decide to potty train take a few days off and go straight to underwear. My son just turned 19 months and it has only been 4 days and he goes on the potty like a champ. On day 3 he had no accidents and day 4 only 2 but there was a lot going on and I kind of mixed things up on him a little. Best advice!

  150. This too shall pass. Seriously, it goes so quickly that you need to realize that whatever situation is so stressful at the moment will be over soon… only to be replaced by another issue! 😉

  151. I will sleep in the grave! And just when you “figure them out”- they’ll change! And ultimately, these are the best years of your life. 🙂

  152. Most decisions will not be that big of a deal in a few weeks/months/years. Trust your instincts and trust the other mothers around you to do the best they can.

  153. My advice would be to just enjoy the little things. They aren’t going to want to snuggle with you forever. And don’t take everyone’s advice 😉 Some of it is outdated, doesn’t apply to you or your child, doesn’t fit with your views or beliefs.

  154. Enjoy every single moment because before you know it your baby is a little person with a voice and mind of their own! so no matter how tired of exhausted you are remember it’s only a short while before you’s gone forever.

  155. Always kiss and hug your kids, kids need affection to be come confident teens/adults. Always let a sleeping baby lie. Cleaning can wait, moments with our kids are fleeting.

  156. My favorite advice has been to be flexible, sleep when baby sleeps, and don’t feel guilty for doing what works for you, your baby and your family.

  157. I would love to have this stroller because I need it for my baby that is on his way and we cant afford a new one 🙂 but only to think about my baby put me a BIG SMILE IN MY FACE !!! Love to being a mommy !!

  158. The best advice for me was to let go of my expectations – whether it be breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, whatever – each kid is different and what is normal for my friend isn’t necessarily our normal and I shouldn’t compare.

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  159. I would love to win this for my little one. My advise is always listen to what you child is telling you, no matter big or small. Always find time for them.

  160. my best advise: Take one day at the time because believe it or not, everything will pass very fast from the sleepless nights to the beautiful first steps. so, Enjoy the ride!

  161. My favorite. Takes lots of pictures. My baby pictures were lost to hurricane sandy so I want my kids to be able to look back at pictures and see there lives. I know when to put the camera down but I like to document everything.