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Recaro Booster

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We just ended our Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Celebration but we couldn’t stop there. We have another great giveaway this week for you. We introduced you to the new Recaro Performance Booster a couple weeks ago and now we are giving one away!

If you are a looking for a great high back booster or know someone who is, you will want to win this one! Winner even gets to pick their color of choice!

Okay, let’s start this out by watching the Baby Gizmo video review of the Recaro Performance Booster again so that you know exactly what is up for grabs.

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  • Recaro Performance Booster (winner’s color choice)


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* Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, October 6, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. it looks awesome I really want one for my son! I love how it goes up to 120 lbs even better for my son as I want him in a car seat for as long as I can

  2. My very tall almost four year old is too big for her current car seat, winning one would be amazing!!!!!! I am crossing my toes, fingers, arms, legs, etc!!

  3. I would love to win this because we have a recaro vivo that i love, but now I’m becoming a booster snob and it annoys me that it doesn’t have latch. I’ve been considering replacing it with a diono monterey (I already own one), but the recaro quality is so much better

  4. I’d love to win one because I have always used recaro and I know their seats are fabulous. Would like to pass down the prosport my son is using to my nephew and replace with this. Have been waiting for the new one to be released so that I can use the anchors

  5. We would love to win this booster bc recaros are our dream seats! We are expecting our fourth child and it would be a huge burden off our shoulders if my husband had a carseat for our oldest in his car!

  6. I love the big kid styling of the car seat (it doesn’t look like a toddler seat, maybe then my short 7 year old and I wouldn’t bicker over having to ride in a booster).

  7. My 7 year old is still in her 5 point harness and about ready for a booster. So excited that Recaro has added the latch, since I’m already really bad about buckling in the empty spare backless booster we use for transporting friends.

  8. I would like to win because my eight year old is at the stage of transitioning and I like that this one has memory foam cushioned seat that keeps them cool.

  9. This looks like a great and comfortable seat. Safety is very important to me when it comes to my daughter’s car seat. This is a seat I would consider getting her.

  10. Wow! Recaro truly has thought of everything. What a fantastic safe booster! My daughter would feel like such a big kid in this. Love the cup holders and armrests. Great review Holly and great seat Reacaro!

  11. I’d love to win so I could upgrade from our convertible seat we’re still using. It’s safe, but this would make it so much easier to get our daughter in and out of my truck.

  12. I’d like to win one because I need it. My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore. Time for a big girl seat! I can’t believe how fast she’s grown.

  13. We have used Recaro since mt daughter was old enough to fit in one. I love knowing she is in the best and safest car seat on the market. Now that she is 5, she’s ready to move into a high back booster.
    I would love to win this, and continue knowing he is safe.

  14. I’d love to win this booster seat because of all of it’s great features, specifically the side impact feature and the memory foam. I also like that the head rest can be adjusted very easily.

  15. I would love to win this booster chair! I have been debating between getting a Diono or Recaro car seat for my toddler, t wold be great to win!

  16. I would love to win this booster! How can you not want a seat that uses the LATCH system? So much easier than worrying if someone has properly installed the seat.

  17. Thanks for offering this giveaway! Car safety for my children (and any of their friends who may be in my van) is so very important to me. I particularly love this Recaro booster for it’s lower LATCH anchors which prevent the seat from flying about the van in case of an accident or hard stop when no child is in it. Yes, we can do that with any booster by ensuring the seat belt is secured at all times when no child is riding in it, but we all have a lot to remember already. Having it always attached with lower LATCH anchors it great! It’s also important to me that my kids little bodies are well protected. A backless booster doesn’t provide that. This Recaro booster has significant protection for torso and head. My 5 and 6 year olds are still in their 5-point harness seats. My 8 year old is unfortunately in a backless booster while I try to save up for one like this. I feel bad that I don’t have the money to get him the safest seat I can, but who knows…maybe I can win one:) Probably not…I never win But I will hope!

  18. What an amazing giveaway!! I love all your videos, you always give great honest description/opinon of products!! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Thelma. ;0)

  19. I’d like to win this booster seat for my daughter. I love how high the back of this seat is–makes it seem super safe.

  20. I like that LATCH is with this booster seat. Seems like it would be a very safe booster seat to have my son ride in! Love the safety features of it.

  21. Temperature control fabric in the seat! My son sweats in his graco! This would be awesome to keep him comfortable!

  22. I’d love to win this booster for my niece. She outgrowing her car seat and mom and dad are financially strained at the moment. I love the safety futures and know from experience how great recarro products are. I’d love to see her in this seat.

  23. This one looks safer than the one we have.I love headrest, and how it adjusts.. and most important is latching system, one of my boosters don’t have it , very uncomfortable, falls on a side where younger child sits when we drop big sister at school.

  24. By the time my 4 month old needs a bigger seat, I think my son will be ready for a booster. She’s very petite so it’ll be awhile, but it would be nice to have this seat waiting on my son!

  25. We are always looking for seats that fit bigger kids. Our son is in the 90% for height and weight. It means we need to have a heavy duty seat for him at all ages. This looks like it could do the job.

  26. I drive around my granddaughter to her many activities. She is 5 years old but very tiny in size. she complains of having to sit in a “baby Carseat”. This car seat is very safe and I love the side impact feature. I believe my granddaughter would love this and agree to sit buckled up in this seat.

  27. I would love to win this seat for my 7 year old who only weights 43 lbs and seems to be growing out of his graco turbo booster. He would just love the comfy seat!

  28. I really like the side impact protection featured on this booster. I’m just now looking at boosters for my daughter. This one looks great!

  29. I love the brand recaro. The have added safety features that others don’t. I had a recaro convertible and loved it. A booster would be great for my daughter.

  30. Our dd is just about out of her convertible seat and needs a good booster! I love the side impact protection on this!

  31. This looks like a great booster that would be perfect for my son once he outgrows his current seat! I love all of the awesome features!

  32. I would love to win this because I transport too much irreplaceable cargo (mainly grandkids) they will be safe in this booster

  33. I love the memory foam and the that the weight goes up to 100 Lbs! This would be perfect for my 8 year old who is about 50 Lbs. His booster isn’t as nice as this, no side impact protectors or anything and I just feel this one would be much safer for him.

  34. We would love to win the Recaro seat because it’s safe and good looking, and would help us out since we have twins and would have to buy two!! 🙂

  35. I’d love to win this for my daughter because she’d soon going to be out of her current seat and into a booster, and the Recaro would be perfect!

  36. the safety ratings are great. The latch, the higher back and the side impact safety makes me want to get one. But hope to win one instead!

  37. WOW! This would be an awesome seat to have! Love the latch. My daughter needs a booster too, she is too big now for her Britax boulevard (which I purchased after watching a babygizmo video) Thanks

  38. I absolutely love the idea of being able to use LATCH connecters to make the seat more stable. The room for growth with this is amazin! It looks super comfy and the extra side impact protection is awesome. Great review!

  39. This would be perfect for my oldest. I haven’t transitioned her to a booster yet because I haven’t had time to figure out which booster to get safety wise and all. With 3 little ones running around and money being tight…this would be a wonderful gift and peace of mind knowing that it’s a safe booster!!

  40. My daughters back starts hurting on long car rides. Looks like the performance booster would solve this problem because of the longer comfy seat. She’s 6.5 years old and so far none of the highback boosters have supported her legs well so that her back doesn’t hurt.

  41. My older one is seven and four foot two (maybe three by now) and I think this would be more comfy than what we’re currently using.

  42. We are in need of switching to a booster seat and this one sounds awesome! The memory foam seat just might convince him to stay in it longer and not complain “are we there yet?”

  43. I would love to win the performance booster because of the big, beefy sides. I think my 8 year old would be safe and comfy for years to come.

  44. The latch system is so important to me when we move out of the “big” car seat. My boys want nothing more than to be “big kids”!

  45. I’d love to win this for when we start booster training my son. He is only 4.5 years old and has TONS of room left in his harness of his Frontier 90, but we would like to be able to booster train him once he’s 5 for emergency type situations.

  46. Love that it has latch! We aren’t as great as we should be about buckling the boosters in when they aren’t in use. Also the side impact protection, and the cushy seat look like nice features too!

  47. oh man, this seat would make us the talk of the neighborhood. i bet it would even cause my daughter to be so confident she would win the presidency of our nation. be prepared to be jealous, neighbors, because this beauty is mine, ALL MINE!

  48. I love that it has the latch system, plus it is stylish and comfy for the child. very sleek and most important SAFE!!!!

  49. I’d like to win this for my son. I’d feel more comfortable in him riding in this vs. our shoulder belt (non LATCH compatible) graco!

  50. We LOVE Recaro. Our first born started off in a Recaro, so when our twins came along they each had to have one too! Our boy now has a booster, and the girls are gettin ready for one.

  51. I love that this seat has latch, and side protection, would be a great seat for my daughter as she is outgrowing her old one!

  52. I love that the Recaro Gizmo has memory foam, latch system and holds up to 120 lbs. I trust Recaro whole heartedly, my husband and kids were involved in a motor vehicle accident in May 2013 and the car was totaled. Recaro kept my baby safe. I would love to win a Recaro Gizmo booster for grandma’s car, who also takes care of my little guy while I work. I love Recaro!!!

  53. I would love to win this car seat because it’s both really safe, and really user friendly…a must she etting squirmy toddlers in and out of the car! 😉

  54. I would love to win this for my daughter. It looks awesome! I love the color combination and the side impact protection!

  55. My daughter will be out growing the car seat and the booster oil die the next stage. Also we love the Recaro brand. My hubby love their adult car seat.

  56. I love the side impact and the extra large wide size. When car seats are so expensive, it is fantastic to get one that last for a while.

  57. this seems to be an awesome extra safe booster. as we are moving to a booster soon with our oldest we need one, so winning one would help a lot (financially)

  58. I like the Recaro booster because it looks more comfortable than other boosters. I love the removable cup holders and I love the head rest in case my son falls asleep , (we travel a lot)

  59. I like that your 8 year old fits in it (and thank you for saying that a 30lb kiddo shouldn’t be in a booster!)

  60. We would love to have this for our son! It is practical (love the removable cup holders and head rest) and seems very comfy for a larger child! The fact that it goes to 120lbs is great, we will be using this for years to come! Pick us, pretty pleeeeeease with a cherry on TOP!

  61. I would love to win one because we are almost to the age where he will need a booster instead of the 5 point harness and this seat looks so comfy.

  62. My baby girl is five months now and ever since I got pregnant, I became a fan of baby gizmo! All my stroller, car seat and pack&play were bought after watching your video clips! (lovely kids for demo in the video, btw) Fingers crossed I can win this give-away!

  63. I love the side impact. I also love the weight and height range. But I do agree, I would not put a smaller, closer to 30 pounds child in the seat. I would keep it reserved my 55 pound daughter.

  64. I have two little men. I would LOVE to have this for my 4yr old who is large for his age. We find that a booster with removable cup holder to be cleaned is genius!

  65. I would love to win this booster seat. I love that is has the locks to lock it in place. The ones we have do not and I hate that. I love that it is breathable since we live at the beach and it can get very hot here. Fingers crossed

  66. I would love to win this for my new baby nephew. They are shopping for a car seat now and this one looks so safe and comfortable! I am sending the video to them to check out!

  67. I really love that Recaro, who makes race car seats, is making car seats. That makes me feel REALLY safe for my 4 year old.

  68. My babies are growing up so fast but what better way to celebrate them getting bigger than this awesome booster! It looks so comfortable!

  69. I would love to have a Performance booster for my son. He loves his ProSport and is ready for the next step. My older one has a Vivo and we love it but really want a booster that uses LATCH.

  70. I would love to win this for my daughter, having 6 kids, buying a new car seat for every growing milestone is really tough!

  71. I am in the market for a booster seat and this seat seems great! Great safety features-including the side impact protection and latch system.

  72. We’re about ready to switch our son to a booster seat, and this one is beautiful! Convenient that it has the latch system, too.

  73. I would LOVE to win this Recaro booster seat! I currently own the Recaro Performance Ride and always tell people with new babies that they should get this car seat! My son loves it and I know that once he is big enough he will love this one too! I love all the safety features that come a long with owning a recaro!

  74. I love the combination of great features–high height limit, comfy seating, side impact protection, cup holders…and colors my son loves.

  75. Recaro seats rock! The only seat my granddaughter will use – now – if you had a US approved infant seat we’d REALLY be in business! 🙂

  76. <3 this booster seat! My grandsons' are tall for their age & their heads go above the top of their car seats, so they're ready for boosters. This one has all the important safety features we need too!

  77. My son so needs a ProBooster! He has a disability that affects his leg movement and strength, and he relies heavily on the seat he’s climbing into. A LATCHable seat makes it so much easier and safer for him!

  78. LUV U RECARO! We already own a ProSport, but we’ll definitely be needing this booster for our oldest in about 8 months time when all the kids have to be bumped up a seat to make room for #3 🙂

  79. Love how safe this car seat is. I know Recaro makes great performance products and this car seat has to be one of the most sturdy available!

  80. I love the latch to where the child cannot tip over when going around a corner. My son is now in the five point harness recaro so would love to win this so he can have the recaro booster!! 🙂

  81. The little girl is so cute & did a great job modeling the booster!
    I love that they added LATCH, & cup holders to the performance booster , but I think my favorite thing on the booster is the side impact protection.
    I love that you mentioned twice that this is for older kids and it’s not a good idea to put a 30lb child in it. Thank You!

  82. I have the original booster by Recaro and while I love it, it tips in my car, this new version with lower attachments would eliminate that issue! I would love to win this seat in blue for my son.

  83. My son will be ready to move to a booster soon and want it to be a recaro! We have 3 recaro car seats and would not choose a different brand 🙂

  84. I want one, so that we do not have to switch out car seats from car to car. And this looks awesome my girls would love it!!!!

  85. Ready to get a new booster for my ever growing children. My son is in a Recaro now and this would be the perfect transition for him to a big boy booster.

  86. I only use recaro carseats. My and my sons father did research for about 6-7 months and this was hands down the best brand of carseats with the least amount of recalls with so many saftey features he is now after 4 yrs he is now out growing his recaro convertible and definitely needs this

  87. I would love to win this seat so I have the next level of carseat for my son. It makes me feel better having him in a good safe seat.

  88. First of all, I love Recaro car seats! I have one now for my 19 month old and couldn’t imagine ever using another brand. The safety features, coupled with the comfortability, makes this seat rise above all others in my opinion. Also, it’s easy to use! No rethreading straps or dealing with difficult latches. This is why I’d like to win this booster seat. My son will be moving into one this size before long, and with money being a little tight for us at the moment, it would be a huge help if we won!

  89. I love Recaro products. My husband & I both have the Recaro ProSport in our respective vehicles. The new Performance Booster looks like the perfect next step up – love the cup holders, memory foam and adjustable headrest.

  90. I love that the new recaro booster has latch our current recaro seat does not have latch and DH forgets to buckle it back in after our son gets out of it and it. I’m also digging the new colors, and DS likes that it has cup holders.

  91. I want this carseat because I have two kids in car seats, and one the car seats is very old and doesn’t fit our son right. We need a new one to be safe, but can’t afford one.

  92. I really like the memory foam and the temperature control fabric which will benefit my son who always runs warm! Additionally, with baby #2 on the way it’ll be a great transition for our son to have a “big boy chair”! Looks like a great seat!

  93. I like that it goes from 30 pounds to 120 pounds so either of my kids could use it. My son has also outgrown a lot of the other seats at 8 years old and I like the side impact protection, and memory foam for comfort.

  94. Love the seat: memory foam and the temperature control fabric (keeps your child cool). Love the TWO cup holders. Love the price and the high weight limit. What’s not to love????
    I want this seat because it’s time to switch one big kid to a booster and free up a seat for a younger child!

  95. Would love to win this seat for my almost five year old. Going to be needing his seat for our almost 2 year old. Love the loose latch so the empty seat doesn’t become a hazard in an accident.

  96. Because it would be perfect in my Carnatic or one of my husband’s two mustangs. We have been lusting after Recaro car seats for kids since I realized they existed.

  97. we had to add extra foam to the seat of our graco because it was uncomfy. The memory foam sounds like a good idea. I also like the latch to latch the booster into the vehicle.

  98. My daughter is growing up so quickly! She’s going to be out of her car seat and into a booster before we know it! This would be wonderful to win!

  99. I love how awesome this seat looks, that it uses the LATCH system and has memory foam! A great seat all around! My 5 year old has been asking me to switch him to a booster, like his cousin, but I didn’t feel ready to give up the safety of the 5 point harness! I would totally reconsider if we won this seat!

  100. This seat seems great. Not only is it cushy and safe but it seems to hold taller, heavier children so they can use it longer which us awesome.

  101. This would be great to keep in “Mimi’s” car, so we don’t have to schlep our car seats on the train when we go for a visit!

  102. I like that the cupholders are easy to clean. so many baby products/children’s products come with so much and leave out some of the simplest but most crucial things like easy cleaning care.

  103. I would love to win this for my son as this booster would be great for him to rest in on long trips and I wouldn’t have to worry about re-buckling each time he gets out because of the latch feature.

  104. My son is 8 1/2 and short for his age so this car seat would be good for him. The memory foam makes it comfy. Thanks for the chance

  105. I like the high weight limit, side impact protection, memory foam seat, & adjustable head rest. Might have to buy this if I don’t win.

  106. I currently have the recaro prosport and LOVE it. The booster would definitely come in handy for a secondary car seat when my son spends time with his grandpa

  107. I’d like to win because of the safety features. I need to know my daughter will be safe while riding in the car with me or someone else. Piece of mind is invaluable!

  108. I love the temperature control fabric! We live in the hot hot south so this is perfect for our son. I also love all the safety features this seat has!

  109. I think the memory foam would be comfy for my son, and a wider booster would be good for when I watch my friend’s son whom is a bit stocky.

  110. I’d love to win this seat because I love the safety features of this seat, not to mention how comfy it looks. We need a seat for my daughter who is outgrowing the seat she has now.

  111. I love the side impact protection and that it is a little wider. I also love that you can take out the cup holders…I have boys and they love to make messes 🙂

  112. I love that the booster seat is a high back. Too often now booster seats consist of only a seat that boosts the child up of the seat and those types seem woobly to me. I like that as my child grows they will still be protected on the sides of her body and head due to the extra high back and side body/head cushions.

  113. I have heard such great things about Recaro. My husband is a race car driver, and he swears by Recaro, as do all his friends! Awesome giveaway!

  114. I would love to win the booster for my granddaughter. She will soon be in a booster and I would get to take her out to lunch with this booster. 🙂

  115. Just started looking at the high back boosters for my grandchildren. This one has so many great features it would be perfect. Looks super comfortable! Would love to win it! Thanks Baby Gizmo for all of your great reviews and giveaways!

  116. What’s not to love?! The Latch system, the side impact protection, the memory foam (can I get that for me too). Excellent seat, great giveaway.

  117. I love that it has memory foam in the seat to make it more cushiony and the side impact protection. It looks like it protects little bodies really well! Oh and cup-holders that come out for easy cleaning is a huge plus! 🙂 My sons old high back booster expires in Dec, so I would love to win this for my daughter who is going to need to start booster training soon.

  118. Great video, Holly! I’ve been really interested in this seat. I love that it has LATCH so you don’t have to buckle the seat in when not in use so it doesn’t become a projectile. I’d love to win this for my older daughter who is booster training right now!

  119. I would like the Recaro Performance Booster for my son because it looks like a very safe and functional option. I trust Baby Gizmo with all of their recommendations, and it would be an honor to win this for my baby coming in February.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  120. I love the memory foam in the seats AND the side head rest protection. I also like the latch to latch the booster into the vehicle. I don’t know how many times I have been in a vehicle and had to hit the brakes abruptly and the booster just goes flying forward since there is nothing to hold it back when a child isn’t in the seat.

  121. What a great booster seat! My daughter is about to outgrow her current seat and this would be a perfect replacement. I love the design and it looks comfy too!


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