Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway Take 5

Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway Take 5

Normally we are all about the baby at Baby Gizmo!  Today we thought it was time to be all about mom for this Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway.  Last week we spotlighted a company that makes great keepsake jewelry that moms are going to want to wear.  This is mom jewelry that is subtle, elegant, and tasteful.  If you missed our spotlight on this great company you can find it HERE.  You want to know about what you could win, right?!?

We thought this Thursday was too important to just have one winner.  It’s the last Thursday of July, you know!  So, we are having THREE winners.  Each winner receives a $50 gift certificate to pick out something pretty for yourself at!  Or pick it out for a friend or family member – either way works! 

And if you are feeling lucky, you can visit their website HERE and pick out something in advance in case you win!

Lauren Nicole Gifts –

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get FOUR entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us why you’d like to win!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  For a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page.

3)  For a THIRD entry just tweet about the contest using the hashtag #BabyGizmoGiveaway!

4)  Plus, get a FOURTH entry this week for posting about this giveaway on your favorite online message board.  Put a link to the posting in a comment below.

THREE winners will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a ONE DAY giveaway so you have until  tonight (Thursday, July 28, 2011) at 11:59pm CST to enter.

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


  1. Need a little pizazz to take me from mommy, pregnant, stressed out military wife….to dang this two weeks with my hubby will be all about me….after I give birth! 😉

  2. My baby is turning one and it would be an awesome way to signify it. I also breastfed for a year, which I am kinda proud of.

    newbiemumintraining at yahoo dot com

  3. I sold all my jewelry when my son was born to buy baby gear, now I won’t spoil myself and only spend money for kid stuff. Would love a piece for me that’s dedicated to them 🙂

  4. I would love to win. It is nice to have something for me once in a while… Especially with a brand new baby in the house

  5. I would love to win because I haven’t bought new jewelry in a long time! I mostly just shop for the kids.

  6. Would love to win for my daughter who is pregnant with her first child. She’s due in October and has crohn’s disease and is having some complications. I think this jewelry would give her something to smile about.

  7. I would love to win because I really need some new jewelry. I made the mistake of telling my husband five years ago that I am not the type of girl that wants jewelry. I was blinded by love for him at the time, and I knew that he could not afford to buy me jewelry. Now the jewelry I do have is old and falling apart.

  8. I would love to win because I am about to become a mother Of two. I have an amazing 16 month old girl and am due with our second daughter August 31st. I don’t wear much jewelry but my wedding ring and a necklace. I would love to have one of these beautiful necklaces to show the work my love for children

  9. I would love to get something/win something that is for me! I mean I love diapers and wipes samples, and the occassional mini sample box of cereal (they are really cute!)and always the chance to win an awesome stroller for the baby, But what about ME ME ME ME ME?!?!?!?!

  10. I’d love to win so that I can have a peice of jewlery to honor my baby boy (although he’s not quite a baby anymore he will be 3 in a couple weeks!!)!!!

  11. My husband says I never treat myself to anything since I became a mom- it’s all about my son these days. So it would be awesome to win and treat myself to some beautiful jewelry. Thanks!

  12. I would love to win the chance to FINALLY get something for myself. I have an addiction with shopping for my 14mo old son, so I am always on the back burner when it comes to buying things.

  13. Would love to win a new piece of jewelry! Being a mom I haven’t had much time to update my jewelry with the new styles.

  14. I would love to win this for my daughter. She’s a super single working and going to school Mom of a almost 2 yr old boy.
    Yesterday she came home to a baby with a 102 temp , her new old car brokedown again and to top her she finally got home, with a sick baby and no car and the dog had the poops all over
    the house.
    She deserves at least this 🙂

  15. This would be amazing. I love anything that has to do with my son and expected new one! 🙂 I am also someone that every time I go to a store its the baby/children’s section I go.

  16. Love jewelry, especially new. This type of jewelry I keep eyeing but never can buy it. Hoping the hubby will sometime for some reason! Crossing my fingers!

  17. I would love to winn one of these. I have hinted my hubby for years, about wanting a necklace with the kids birth stones.
    It would be awsome to WIN one. He would to be off the hook on this one;o)

  18. I would love to win a gift certificate! I’ve been looking for a necklace for a bit now and one of these would be awesome! *fingers crossed*

  19. My daughter is having her first baby in September. It is a girl and they are naming her Hadassah (The Hebrew name for Esther in the bible). Its a beautiful name, but impossible to find on name jewelry unless its custom 🙂

  20. I don’t splurge much on myself as my Mom taught me kids and family come first! would be a nice treat to get a treat just for me 🙂 fun jewelry is great!

  21. Wow, I definitely could use more fashion in my life. I posted almost everywhere I could, so hopefully that will help me win. Love these contests but always miss the day.

  22. Because ever since my daughter arrived into my life I completely forgot about myself I don’t even look at anything for myself when I go shopping I automatically go to the childrens department or I’m always at Babies R Us, lol.

  23. I would LOVE to win! I have been wanting some new jewelry, and with our next one on it’s way, this would be perfect!


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