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Christina lives in Northwest Illinois with her husband, daughter, and two English Springer Spaniels. Before becoming a reluctant stay-at-home mom, she worked in a variety of customer-service-oriented jobs while dreaming of living in the lap of luxury as a housewife. Unfortunately, having a child threw a wrench in Christina's plan to do nothing but eat bonbons while lounging in the Jacuzzi reading all day. Now, she spends her time looking for fun activities and crafts for her daughter and easy-to-prepare meals for her family, while trying not to land the kid in therapy when she grows up. Christina volunteers at her local library, and does both volunteer and paid work as a sexuality educator. She loves to read, and to learn about--and share--new products and resources.

School District Pilots Program to Give Excess Food to Needy Kids

My daughter attends a Title I school—in fact, all the schools in our district are Title I. That means that a minimum of 40%...

Review: Plae Adult Shoes

Many of us know and love Plae shoes for kids. The brand was founded in 2012 and sold their first pair of shoes a...
10 Fun St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas

10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend this year, which means it’s a perfect time to get in some quality crafting. Here are ten...
St. Patrick's Day

17 Delicious Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th and we’ve got 17 (get it?) great recipes for you. Check them out!   Corned Beef and...
keeping calm

15 Tips for Keeping Calm

There really is a day for everything. Take March 9 for example, which is Panic Day. We could celebrate by panicking, but I though...
movie review

Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon–The Hidden World

My family had never watched the How to Train Your Dragon movies, but after catching a preview for newest one, I decided we had...

The Life-Changing Magic of Leaving My Stuff Alone

You may remember back in 2014 when Marie “KonMari” Kondo took the world (or at least the US) by storm with her book The...
lip balm

Battle of the Lip Balms

Winter is upon us and for many of us that means we’re suffering through cold, dry air and through the dry indoor air caused...
movie review

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie 2–The Second Part

We’ve been waiting five years for this, folks (no, really!), but The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is finally here! My family has...
weighted blanket

Review: Tranquility Weighted Blanket

The first time I heard of a weighted blanket was an ad for Gravity Blankets’ Kickstarter. Why that showed up in whatever I was...
lace bar

Review: L.L. Bean Boot Custom Lace Bar

About a month ago, I was shopping at the brand-new L.L. Bean store in Oakbrook, IL when the heavens opened up to shine a...
Martin Luther King

11 Interesting Kids’ Books to Honor the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On January 21, here in the United States, we will celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While our kids are...