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Snack Recipes

Review: Wild Friends Nut Butter

Long before Wild Friends Nut Butters debuted on Shark Tank, I was a fan of their nut butters. Especially this one. Wild Friends began as Wild Squirrel, a simple peanut butter experiment between two college friends in Oregon that has boomed into a wonderful business. They’ve got talent, a delicious product and a business model that …

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Picnic Potato Salad

Our family cookbook is full of handwritten notes detailing our feedback on various recipes. This particular potato salad recipe has been dubbed “perfect”, “ideal for picnics” and requested for “every potluck, every summer.” Yep, most definitely a winner! With summer in full swing, I’m excited to share this recipe for the perfect picnic potato salad. …

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Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Enjoy

We all love to snack, right? And that goes for children, too! Instead of handing your kids cookies, candies, and ice cream, try handing them one of these 15 healthy snacks the next time they’re feeling snacky! 1. Cheese. Cheese has lots of protein which keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. Pair it with salt …

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Monkey Wraps – aka Peanut Butter Banana Roll-ups

I’m always looking for a healthy snack for the kids. If it is a high energy snack that I enjoy too – it’s a bonus. These Monkey Wraps (aka Peanut Butter Banana Roll-Ups) have been my go-to for breakfast for a while. The peanut butter adds protein, the banana has loads of potassium and the …

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