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Waffle Cakes that Will Change Your Life

Did you know waffle cakes were a thing? Yep, a trendy, delicious, amazing, not-just-for-breakfast thing! Plus, they are perfect for breakfast, dessert, parties, baby showers, birthdays or just any day. We have rounded up some of our favorite waffle cakes to get you started. MAPLE BELGIAN WAFFLE CAKE Belgian waffles baked into maple syrup cake …

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Watermelon Recipes Ideas

Nothing says “summer” quite like slicing into fresh plump watermelon! Watermelon’s got it all– vibrant colors, robust flavors, and a refreshing crunch. Most fans of the fruit are used to simply carving it into handheld wedges and serving them cold. But did you know there’s a variety of creative ways to serve this summer favorite? Let’s check …

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10 Tempting Blueberry Recipes

I love summer because fresh fruit is everywhere. One fruit that just screams summer is fresh blueberries! Here are ten tempting blueberry recipes from savory (yes, blueberries for lunch) to sweet. Enjoy! Blueberry Pancakes: These are some of my daughter’s favorites to request on Pancake Day. (That’d be Friday mornings, when Dad’s on breakfast duty.) …

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