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Heather lives with her husband, daughter and son and has learned to accept that Utah is now her permanent home. Before becoming a stay at home mom, she taught elementary school and loves to use that background to create fun activities to entertain her children. Though staying home with the kids is great, Heather has always enjoyed finding more ways she can keep herself sane, including elaborate cross stitch designs and playing with any puppy she can find. She particularly loves to read and write and prides herself in always remaining honest in her posts about life as a wife and mother, even when the truth is sometimes embarrassing.
sick kid featured

Why I Don’t Care If Your Kid Got Mine Sick

Listen to me say this very obvious fact of life, and be prepared to accept it, because it’s a fact that people tend to...
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The One Piece of Advice That Helped Me Reconnect With My Kids

It’s weird, taboo, to admit that some days, I have to force myself to cuddle with my kids and listen to them. That I...
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Disney Movie Plot Holes and Inconsistencies- I Have Questions!

You know how having kids means you end up watching the same movies over and over (and over and over)? Well, if I have...
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My Top 3 Favorite Places to Find Empowering Birth Stories

I love hearing birth stories! There’s nothing cooler than hearing how a woman became a mother, whether that was from birthing their child from...
10 Things Not Allowed In THIS House

10 Things Not Allowed In THIS House

I’ve got kids, so I’ve accepted that for the next 18ish years, I won’t get to own amazingly fine things and I won’t get...
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I’m A Yeller And That’s My Parenting Style

I’m a yeller. I’m that mom at the grocery store yelling at her kids to stop running up and down the aisle. I’m that mom who...
viral noodle snake

Warning: Snakes (Might Be) In Your Pool Toys!

Sure, most of us think to check our pool toys for spiders or ants before we use them but are you checking them for...
Sun Safety: Try THESE Before Lathering Up in Sunscreen

Sun Safety: Try THESE Before Lathering Up in Sunscreen

Believe it or not, sunscreen really should be your last resort when it comes to protecting delicate skin. Think of it more like an...
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10 Summer No-Oven Recipes (That Aren’t Salads!)

Summer is in full swing and that includes the hot weather. When it’s 90+ degrees outside, there’s no way I want to turn my...
7 Ways to Increase Your Child's Love of Reading this Summer

7 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Love of Reading this Summer

Most kids drop a few reading levels during the summer and it makes sense why—schools out, no teacher, the official homework is gone, and...
Drowning of Olympic Skier’s Child Sparks Water Safety Reminders

Drowning of Olympic Skier’s Child Sparks Water Safety Reminders

The tragic news of US Olympic Skier Bode Miller’s toddler drowning this past weekend reminds parents everywhere of a very important topic we need...
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8 Great Places to Visit in Utah During the Summer

Sure, Utah offers fantastic skiing and snowboarding during the winter but we also have SO MANY great activities and fun destinations to visit during...